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Be the part of the new Gold Rush by investing in the highest performing asset class of the last decade.

Investment Fund Type

Trading Desk

We are a data-driven trading firm that trades bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on the basis of our algorithms and strategies.

Digital Asset Management

Our team of experts will manage your digital assets to provide maximum returns while ensuring that your assets are completely secure.

Cryptocurrency Index Fund

Reduce the risks with a diversified portfolio of cryptocurrencies with our Index Fund.

Staking as a Service (StaaS)

We invest your assets by staking them and securing the network for reliable and stable rewards.

Crypto Lending as a Service

To diversify your portfolio, we will lend your cryptocurrencies so you can earn hefty interests on them.

Early-stage Token/NFT’s Investments

We invest in efficient and scalable WEB3 protocols and applications Similar to venture capital equity but investing in tokens not companies during the private sales.

Our Principles & Methodology

On-Chain Market Analysis & Real Time Market Intelligence for Crypto

  • Exchange wallet Tracker : Track the movements of each token to get an idea regarding the market.
  • Inflation Tracker : Keep a track of the newly minted coins added to circulating supply which might affect the value of the cryptocurrency.
  • Whale Transaction Alerts:Alerts regarding large and unusual transactions to and from exchanges to stay ahead of the curve.
  • Token/Coin Holder Distribution Analytics
  • Live tracking of UTXO, Memepool, GAS price, Network Hash Rate
  • Tracking of Blockchain Network’s Demand and Supply
  • Monitor Miner Inventory Levels
  • Spot, Future & Derivative Market Activity Tracker
  • Whale Trade Alerts for Crypto Spot, Future & Derivative
  • Maximizing your yields using Defi Tracker
  • Monitor Blockchain Network Hard Fork & Airdrops
  • Tracking CME Bitcoin Futures & Bakkt Bitcoin Futures
  • Global Market Watch like S&P 500, DOW J, FTSE 100 etc.
  • News aggregator platform indicating impact on price and market for traders and cryptocurrency enthusiasts.
  • Tracking of All Coin Events like Halving, major network Upgrade, Exchange Listing, Staking Program etc

On-chain Metrics, Historical Charts & Indicators

  • Bitcoin Mayer Multiple, Bitcoin Difficulty Ribbon, Bitcoin Correlation Ratio With Global Asset
  • Market Dominance, Total Market Cap, 24 hour Volume
  • Market Cap/ Realized Cap Ratio, MVRV RATIO, MVRV-Z Score, SOPR
  • NVT Signal, NVT Ratio, Network Velocity, Mayer Multiple
  • Funding Rate, Lending Rate, Open Interest, Perpetual Swaps Funding for all crypto Market.
  • Bitcoin HODL Waves, Altcoin Cap vs Bitcoin Cap
  • Social Volume 24h, Social Sentiment, Social Engagement , Social News Volume, Google Search Trends & Github Commits etc.
  • All Technical Indicators like RSI, MACD, SMA, CMF, MFI, Choppiness Index, Ichimoku Cloud, Wedge Pattern, Fibonacci Levels, Triangle, H&S pattern & 24*7 Monitoring of 100+ Technical indicators.

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We are offering our services to individuals with Net Worth of more than $10,000.

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    Weekly reports regarding:
  • Defi Analysis
  • Exchange Native Token
  • Network Valuation
  • Top Blockchain and Smart Contract Platforms
  • Top Coins from each industry